Infoδημ provides services on:

Activity Areas

Infoδημ features wide experience and expertise in the design, development, management, operation and maintenance of complex information management systems, and monitoring of spatial and descriptive data in projects based on Geographic Information Systems and the development of related applications.


Infodim with it's internationally renowned partners can deliver optimal map display due to it's extensive experience in the field of cartography.

System Design

Infodim design and develop Information Systems and GIS Systems in order to cover any needs, with custom Desktop and Web applications.

Web G.I.S.

The development of Web Applications and GIS Services is one of the main areas in which Infodim has the expertise to design, develop and implement the best solutions.

Products and Services

INFODIM develop innovative applications and specialized software in the field of eGovernment and Geoinformatics and is considered a leader in the field of civil protection and fire protection in the country.