Disaster Management

Fires, Earthquakes, Extreme weather Phenomena

The contribution of GIS in emergency and operational support of disaster response forces is decisive. Data processing is implemented from the site of the incident, weather conditions, available resources, the forces of positions etc., and the coordination of the forces of enterprise is maximized.

For example, in case of fire, the kind of vegetation, terrain, intensity and direction of the winds is used for the preparation of a fire development scenario in GIS, and the creation of a treatment plan.

The use of Tablet or Palmtop with GPS by fire forces, provide to the GIS system of Operations Centre direct information from the site of the event, thus providing the business owner a complete picture of the situation.

INFODIM pioneering in the field of GIS for tackling natural disasters, has created the specialized INFOFIRE software through an integrated environment which can help in prevention and control of forest fires.

INFODIM is currently the ONLY GIS company in Greece that has developed and installed special fire protection and fire simulation software (INFOFIRE software) to eight (8) mountains of the country, with a set of applications as well as the installation of GIS software, structured in an integrated set for fire protection of forest lands at Mountains Olympus (prefecture of Pieria) Boras (prefecture of Pella), Grammos (prefecture of Kastoria), Menikio (prefecutre of Drama), Kitherona (prefecture of attiki), tzoumerka (prefecture of Arta), Rodopi Region of Eastern Macedonia -Thrace, and in important National Parks such as fire protection projects of the National Park in Samaria Gorge (fracture of Xania), hollies forest Rouva(fracture of Iraklio) and Palm Forest of Preveli (fracture of rethimni) and suburban forest of Igoumenitsa (fracture of thesprotia)

Furthermore INFODIM has implemented GIS which uses the independent civil protection directorate of the region of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace for the management of resources and natural disaster events in the region, and the corresponding directorate of civil protection of the region of Crete.