The Company


INFODIM was founded on 1-2-1992. INFODIM was the first company in Greece with the sole object “GIS applications”, and one of the first in the field of metadata development of spatial data with the directive INSPIRE according to the international ISO metadata standards 199115 & ISO 19139, and the development of related applications on open software (EL / LAK) and online cartographic basemaps.

Today INFODIM is undeniably one of the leading GIS companies, and is the only member of the Northern Greece Informatics Companies Association concerning the GIS.

Infodim is a memeber of the MTC Makedoniki Group of Companies

Infrastructure –Organization

INFODIM’s premises are in Thessaloniki, Greece in a 1000m² surface area. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the necessary equipment and software needed for its activities elaboration, becoming one of the most equipped and CONTEMPORARY geoinformatics companies in Greece.

The permanent staff of the company is consisted of more than 45 scientists, mostly computer scientists and geoinformatics engineers as well as Rural & Surveyor Engineers, Lawyers and Economists.

INFODIM has an in-house datacenter utilizing virtualization technologies, which consists of two virtual technology (Hyper-V) servers and 4 physical servers and data storage capacity of nearly 40 TB, which can extend up to 90 TB if needed. The IT systems of the company include in terms of hardware over 100 PCs and 20 high performance workstations, connected to a local network (LAN) and there are multitude of peripherals like Scanners (Xerox color A0), Plotters (HP Designjet 5500), printers (HP LaserJet 8100 - 35 pages / minute, HP Laserjet 2020, Epson Inkjet color A3 etc), permanent ADSL internet connection to serve users of the company etc.

INFODIM is certified with:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 27001:2013

INFODIM has developed very important projects, pioneering in many cases throughout the course of its corporate life:

  • Created and installed the first system for the OTA Real Estate tax fee, which was installed in 1996 to more than 1,000 OTA throughout Greece.
  • Designed and implemented the Geographical Information System ODOS SA and DEPA.
  • Created Model and Management Software for Digital Precision Agriculture (Precision Agriculture), in collaboration with the American Farm School.
  • Created and patented specialized software for the management of forest fires and for the management of geospatial metadata