Satellite Image Applications (Remote Sensing)

For many years, satellite images are used in many fields such as meteorology, forestry, geology, civil protection, etc.

But in the last five years, the discreet capability of satellites for commercial purposes has greatly increased (up to <50cm pixel in the ground), and the image acquisition cost has significantly reduced, thus enabling the use of such images in a very wide range of applications in areas such as agriculture, environmental management, cartography, telecommunications, insurance, utilities, local governments, emergency situations (fires, natural disasters) etc.

INFODIM always on the cutting edge of developments, has been developing in recent years remote sensing applications. The company is digitally editing either:

  • Panchromatic images to produce topographic maps, or
  • Multispectral, to produce thematic maps and support specific studies (environmental, geological, hydrological, etc.)

INFODIM is collaborating also with all European satellite images distributors, and is able to have very rapidly at its disposal, images of recent reception with a resolution of less than 50 cm.

In this way, it can support any study or work even outside the boundaries of the Greek state, in areas where appropriate cartographic basemaps are not available.