Environmental Management

- Water Resources / Energy Resources

Worldwide rational management of water or Energy Resources is using Geographic Information Systems with the help of which inventory balances are tracked and their retention policy is exercised. The policy is controlled and documented through scenarios and simulation models developed in GIS.

-Protected Areas

On Areas protected by international treaties (Natura Areas, Ramsar, etc), the use of a GIS management system, for supervision and monitoring of the area is essential. The flora and fauna of the area capture data of the water level in lakes and rivers, as well as information on the prevailing atmospheric conditions, while being monitored by digital cameras. All information is organized and presented in a GIS environment.

The most recent implemented environmental management and protection systems are:

  • The GIS oil spills and coastal information network, monitoring information for the region of East Macedonia - Thrace
  • the Geographic Information System for environmental Protection of Kastoria