Agricultural Sector

As the agricultural sector is modernized and the requirements for reduction of production cost, sustainable development, and efficient management of land and water resources become mandatory, the applications of Geoinformatics (GIS) worldwide are gaining ground and give the necessary management solutions with absolute success in the area known as Precision Agriculture.

The agricultural lands are mapped in detail and data is observed per agricultural land as crop, tree number, etc. Production and agricultural policy estimates are made.

PDA / Tablets with integrated GPS and GIS software are used. Multispectral satellite images are used for the recognition of chemical composition and soil moisture, while the precise lubrication needs in each agricultural land are determined.

By implementing integrated GIS systems, agriculture passes on a new era of methodical and efficient cultivation with respect to the environment and available resources.

INFODIM has completed since 2009 a special software called Field Stats for Digital Precise Agriculture