INFODIM is the first company in North Greece that acquired equipment and the ability to perform photogrammetry work, and remains the only one until now.

Since 1996 INFODIM gained the first photogrammetric station from the company INTERGRAPH IMAGE STATION including H/W and S/W for digital photogrammetry work with all Modules for:

  • Stereoscopic pairs of aerial remote sensing observation and production of stereomodels
  • Aerial triangulation and reduction of images, production of Orthophoto and Fotomosaic maps
  • Digitization and cartographic performance of information.

After 2007 the equipment was modernized with special Dell Workstations, as well as new versions of programs and modules of Intergraph for Photogrammetry work.

The station has been used in all land projects the company has developed, in order to create the required orthophoto maps.