Activity Areas


INFODIM has developed a large number of innovative applications such as Geographic Information Systems, WebGIS and Spatial Data Management software. Major clients are public organizations as well as organizations on the broader public sector.

INFODIM has developed a variety of web applications and GIS in the areas of: urban planning, cadastral, environment, roadwork management, property tax management, fleet management, fire protection, construction management, municipalities assets management etc.

The company features wide experience and expertise in the design, development and maintenance of complex Information Systems, Geographical Information Systems, monitoring of spatial and descriptive data in projects based on Geographic Information Systems and the development of related applications.

Since 1992 INFODIM has succesfully completed many significant IT projects, database development and geodatabase projects, data migration and process simplification projects.

INFODIM is based upon two cores of expertise

  • “State of the Art” IT Technology and
  • Multidisciplinary Scientific support for development planning

The main sectors of INFODIM’s business activities are:

  • Cloud Web GIS Services
  • Software development
  • Open source Web GIS development
  • Design and Development of Geographical Databases
  • ESRI Enterprise Development
  • Telematics applications for Real Time Fleet Management  (AVL)
  • Logistics (Routing and Scheduling a Vehicle’s Best Route)
  • Photogrammetry (Aerial Photography Processing)
  • Remote Sensing (Satellite Images Processing)
  • Civil protection and Crisis Management applications
  • Forest Fire Protection systems
  • Specialized Software Development (INFOFIRE® – METADATA®)
  • Urban planning applications
  • Digitization
  • Wireless Telecommunication Networks development for data, image and sound transfer
  • Water Resources management
  • Advisory services and technical support to local authorities, public organizations and companies
  • Consulting services for projects of the European Union. Updating, editing, submitting and implementation of proposals for funding projects from the EU
  • Organizing, supporting, training and utilizing of human resources
  • Project management for development projects
  • Research - Statistical analysis of social and economic content and applications of operational research.