'Cloud Service for the promotion of Tourism and Culture with the use of State of the Art Virtual Reality, Virtual Tours and dynamic maps (WebGIS)'
'Cloud Service for the property inventorying, management and development with the use of dynamic maps(WebGIS) '
'Cloud Service for the management of the citizens' request and problems with the use of dynamic maps (WebGIS)'
'Cloud service for the prevention, control and management of Forest Fire and Crisis Management using dynamic maps (WebGIS)'
Cloud service for the recording, monitoring and mapping of the quality of life of citizens with the use of dynamic maps (WebGIS)



Satellite & Aerial images processing & Orthorectification


Digitizing - Vectorization


Design and Development of Geodatabases in several platforms:

ESRI SDE, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
Native PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL


Digital Cartography


Open source Web GIS development

Integration Geoserver with WordPress CMS


ESRI Enterprise Development (ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS Server) and development of custom Web G.I.S. apps based on:

Javascript API
Flex API


Cloud Web GIS Services


Management of Municipalities Assets

Trash Cans
Light Posts
Water Gauges

Fleet Management

Fire protection
Infodim has developed INFOFIRE, a fire protection system that is installed in 6 mountains and four National Parks, creating the most active civil protection network in the field of forest fires in the country.
Network Management and Geoportals
Infodim provides a variety of systems for the management of networks and highways. Infodim has recently developed Geoportal for EGNATIA ODOS S.A. All users of geoportal are able to see, seek, find, print etc. geographic information, maps and routes associated with the use of EASA and vertical axes. Users of smart phones (iphone, android, etc.) are able to connect and be informed about the available system data.
Geographical Information System for the Management of Cultural and Sports Facilities, Touristic Promotion and Virtual Tours
Infodim provides an Integrated Information Management System of the Sports and Cultural Facilities. The WebGIS is a unique system that combines a widespread Content Management System such as Wordpress with more advanced software such as Geoserver and OpenLayers. The Web GIS system is fully compatible with panoramic photographs and virtual tours.
Application of geographical visualization of the election results
Infodim provides a geographical visualization system of the election results. The WebGIS system was succesfully used in various elections.
Web GIS application for companies' and businesses' display and promotion
WebGIS system to promote companies and businesses to pulic. It provides usefull information to the public about businesses and the points of interest nearby
Network for a Better Response to Maritime Accidents
Infodim has developed a web geographical information system for the imaging of the water polution and various polution censors in real time.